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Trestle Brewing Company: a Business Venture to Help Define the Georgian Bay Lifestyle

Posted on Tuesday March 06, 2018

With the incredible outpouring of support we have had for the project, we say tongue in cheek that Matt is the most important guy to come to Parry Sound since J.R. Booth or William Beatty.” Trestle Brewing Company co-owner Chris Pettinger

Who is Matt, and why is he so important to Parry Sound? Matt Lyons is the brewmaster of Trestle Brewing Company, a new business in Parry Sound, co-founded by Dave Fusek and Chris Pettinger. Although the actual brewery and bar won’t open its doors until Spring 2018, Matt Lyons – trained at Niagara College with four years’ brewing experience in British Columbia – isn’t waiting around: their flagship beer – the Trestle Golden Ale – is available in their favourite restaurants in the local area, as well as 10 grocery stores and 50 LCBO locations across Ontario.

Why Does the Trestle Brewing Company Matter to Parry Sound?

When the new brewery is up and running, it’ll fill a need in Parry Sound’s leisure scene. Fusek and Pettinger know there’s a hunger out there for a food and drink experience that goes beyond the mass produced. They know people long to get away from big, faceless chain brands, and get to know the makers of the products they’re buying.

As a craft brewery, Trestle Brewing Company will meet that need in Parry Sound. But it’s not just about the beer…

Trestle Brewing Company: It’s About Connections

Fusek and Pettinger envision their brewery – like the railway bridge at the centre of their brand – as a way of connecting the community; their purpose is to provide a needed gathering place. Trestle Brewing Company is in downtown Parry Sound and built overlooking the Seguin River, Georgian Bay, and CPR railway trestle; the longest train trestle east of the Rocky Mountains.  That’s why these businessmen are so pleased with their location. Unlike many railway-themed breweries, they’ve focused their brand not on the train or railway itself, but on a part of the infrastructure of an iconic national rail system.  About the Parry Sound railway trestle that is their brand, Pettinger says,

It’s not just a big old rusty hunk of steel, what it represents is wonderful: that bridge allowed the cross-Canada rail network to carry on - and the railway was a significant reason why Canada became a country. When trains cross the trestle, we are reminded of industry in action.”

Parry Sound residents and visitors can anticipate the experience of being able to sit on the outdoor patio overlooking the waterfront with friends and family, enjoying a drink together – a selection of food will also be available – while gazing at the spectacular view of the bridge in the distance, and the natural beauty at the mouth of the Seguin River where it flows into the Georgian Bay.  The brewery faces west, so guests will get to see spectacular sunsets behind the iconic bridge.

Support from the Town and Province Is the Key to a Vibrant Parry Sound Business Start-up Environment

Trestle Brewing Company stepped into an environment with great potential for new food and beverage businesses. Parry Sound is a service hub for a large catchment area, full of customers hungry for a vibrant food scene.  Local surveys show that customers want more food choices, with a demand for quality food, and authentic ethnically-diverse menus.

When Trestle Brewing Company got started, the Town of Parry Sound agreed to support the clean-up of their land, which was contaminated by decades of industrial fuel storage and railway use.  By securing a Tax Increment Grant through Parry Sound’s REUSE program, the brewery is credited tax money based on the amount of money they’ve spent cleaning up the land.

This kind of local and provincial support is accessible to any new business looking to start up in Parry Sound. The emerging diverse business cluster in Parry Sound also supports one another with mutually beneficial local relationships. For instance, this past summer Trestle Brewing Company partnered with the M.V. Chippewa dinner cruise boat to offer craft beer sunset cruises; they sold out repeatedly!  Each cruise also featured partnerships with other community organizations, such as the Georgian Bay Biosphere, West Parry Sound Hospice and Pedaling for Parkinson’s.

Word of Mouth and the Georgian Bay Lifestyle: Advantages for Business Ventures in Parry Sound

In the same way people have become more interested in craft and locally produced food and drink experiences, they have similarly become more interested in making lifestyle and living choices favouring moves to smaller communities.  In a town the size of Parry Sound, it’s easy for residents to connect with local retail and food-service purveyors and their owners.  Locals will spread the word about them quickly, to help attract new customers.

Parry Sound is also one of the few places in the region with easy access to the beautiful Georgian Bay and its 30,000 islands. This small town is a well-known paradise: placed – two hours via a four-lane highway from Toronto – and surrounded by the incredible natural beauty of the northern Ontario landscape (and inexpensive northern house prices on top of that).

Does living and doing business in Parry Sound appeal to you? Contact Vladimir Shehovtsov at the Town of Parry Sound to discuss opportunities for your business venture.

These successful business stories are posted here raise the profile of the businesses in Parry Sound to attract development and investment.  If you are interested in having a profile done about your successful Parry Sound business please contact: Jessie Langford - (705) 746-2101