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Warranty Programs - Optional


Georgian Bay at Sunset

The Town of Parry Sound, in conjunction with Service Line Warranties of Canada, also known as SLWC, will be offering an optional Service Line Warranty Program to homeowners.  Participation is optional for homeowners in Parry Sound.

Did you know

As a homeowner you are responsible for the water and sewer service lines that run from outside your home to the public main. When your service line breaks, leaks or clogs, the repair could cost thousands of dollars - hard on a budget! Most homeowner policies do not cover these repair costs.

Partnering with Service Line Warranties of Canada

Program details

The Service Line Warranty program provides water and sewer service line warranties to cover repair costs to the private portion of the service lines. These warranty plans include:

  • Water line warranty - Covers the cost of repairing broken or leaking outside water lines
  • Waste water line warranty - Covers the cost of repairing broken, leaking or clogged outside sewer lines
  • In-home plumbing & drainage warranty - Covers the cost of broken or leaking water or sewer lines inside the house, including drain lines connected to the main sewer stack. This does not cover faucets or fixtures, venting issues or gas lines.

One phone call to SLWC and a local, licensed, reputable plumber will make the repair to your satisfaction and according to Ontario Building Code.

Are the warranty plans considered insurance?

The Plans are a warranty service plan offered by SLWC as an independent private provider. Although the Plans use terms like deductible, coverage and exclusions the Plans are not insurance, but a contract pledge to arrange a contractor to repair your service lines.

Ask your insurance provider if your policy covers repairs to water and sewer line systems. If your policy does not cover water or sewer utility lines, consider the Service Line Warranty program.

Next Steps

Invoices for water and wastewater customers go out the last two weeks in May for one half of the Town and again mid to late June for the other half of the Town. A yellow flyer is inclosed notifying customers of these warranty programs and requesting your permission to send you a letter with information about the first program which is water line protection.  If you are interested in receiving the information, please follow the instructions in the flyer that you will receive.  If you do provide permission to the Town of Parry Sound for you to receive promotional materials regarding these warranty programs, you will receive a letter from the Town of Parry Sound in the Fall of 2017 outlining the first optional program.  In it will be instructions on how to contact Service Line Warranties of Canada to enroll if you are interested. 

Update - November 2017

Those homeowners who have provided their permission to receive information about this program will be receiving their information the week of November 27, 2017.  For those homeowners who did not provide permission and who are interested in receiving the information we would now ask that you contact Service Line Warranty of Canada directly and they will ensure that you receive the information.  1-866-922-9004.

Update - December 2017

The Town of Parry Sound circulated a yellow flyer on December 1st reminding residents that if you didn't specifically sign up to receive information about this optional warranty program that you could call the number listed in the flyer and contact them directly.

Unfortunately the letters have been delayed for those who provided their permission to receive information, due to circumstances beyond the control of the Town of Parry Sound.  As well, those residents who received the flyer and called the number were told that this service was not offered in our area.

As a result of these delays, SLWC has opened up our area as a service area and are now taking calls for information and/or to enroll in the warranty program.

To enroll by phone or get information, residents can now call Service Line Warranty of Canada directly at 1-866-922-9004, toll free or check on-line at to enroll or to receive information.

Our apologies for the delay with regard to this optional program.

Jackie Boggs, Clerk

December 14, 2017

If there are any questions about this program please contact Jackie Boggs or Kelly Mack and either will be happy to help.

February 9, 2018 Update

Service Line Warranty has informed us that the letters to those who provided permission to receive information regarding this warranty program will be going out the week of February 12, 2018.  A reminder letter will be sent out two weeks later.  We appreciate your patience with this matter.

Jackie Boggs, Clerk