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The Town of Parry Sound Zoning By-law 2004-4653 implements the land use policies of the Town of Parry Sound Official Plan. It regulates all lands within the Town boundaries.

The Zoning By-law contains a number of zones which regulate:

  • Building locations and setbacks
  • Construction
  • Lot size
  • Parking requirements
  • Permitted land uses

A full copy of the Town's Comprehensive Zoning By-law and related land use schedules are available on our website.  See 'Schedule A' to the bylaw for a properties current zoning. For interactive mapping of the Town visit

Zoning By-law Amendment

A Zoning By-law Amendment is a public process that changes the use of land or the way it can be developed (such as setback or height). Town Council considers these By-laws.

You may apply for a Zoning Amendment if you have a development proposal that does not comply with the Zoning By-law. All applications must conform to the Town's Official Plan or an Official Plan Amendment will be necessary.

The Town has a pre-consultation by-law for planning applications.  Prior to submitting a Zoning By-law amendment application, applicants are to prepare a site plan illustrating their proposal for review with staff.  Please contact planning staff to make an appointment.  The following links will assist in preparation of a site plan: Mapping, Zoning, Official Plan.

The Official Plan outlines other studies or information which may be required to support your application. All applications must be completed in full prior to submission.

Please see the detailed process summary for additional information.

The flow chart below outlines the basic process of rezoning a property.
Rezoning Flow Chart - Alternate Formats Available Upon Request - (705) 746-2101 or see the process summary above

Holding Provision

Some properties may be zoned with a Holding Provision ("h" symbol"). The "h" symbol restricts future land uses until it is removed.

To remove the "h" symbol, an application and fee must be submitted, as well as some form of study submitted and implemented. The specifics vary depending upon the site.