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Current Committees of Council


The Town of Parry Sound is committed to community involvement and provides the opportunity for residents and ratepayers to take part in a variety of Committees of Council:

The following are Committees that are struck by Parry Sound Council as well as joint area committees that fall directly under Council's authority.

8-80's Steering Committee - Terms of Reference Scheduled for Review

Civic Scholarship Committee

On November 15, 2016 Council appointed Councillor Doug McCann, Councillor Bonnie Keith and Rob Mens, C.A.O. to operate the Civic Scholarship Committee.  This program offer a $500.00 scholarship to students who meet certain criteria.    Please fill out the application form and submit before the deadline.  Deadline for submissions is no later than May 31st each year.

Committee of Adjustment

The Committee of Adjustment of the Town of Parry Sound is empowered under the Planning Act to grant Minor Variances . They determine if a minor variance application is desirable/appropriate, and if the general intent and purpose of the Zoning Bylaw and the Official Plan is maintained.Five lay members and two members of Council are appointed to the committee.

Community Emergency Planning Committee

This committee provides advice to Council regarding emergency planning issues for the Town of Parry Sound. It ensures that the Emergency Plan remains current, develops training plans, conducts and reviews exercises, reviews the EOS operations and oversees the community awareness plan.

Fence Viewers Committee

The Line Fence Act is a provincial statute, administrated by the municipality, and provides for the arbitration of a dispute between two or more neighbours on the following:

  • whether or not a boundary fence should be erected;
  • the type of fence to be erected;
  • the sharing of the cost of the installation of a new fence; and
  • the sharing of the cost of repair or maintenance on an existing fence.

The Line Fence Act does not allow viewers to settle property boundary or title disputes. This Committee meets only when a written complaint is filed with the Clerk, or designate.  Please see the Guide to the Line Fences Act.

Parry Sound Emergency Medical Services Advisory Committee

The Town of Parry Sound is the designated delivery agent for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) for the District of Parry Sound. The Advisory Committee's objective is to identify, resolve and convey issues and concerns regarding the District EMS System. It also provides advice on the operation and facilitates improvements to the EMS to meet the needs of the citizens of the District of Parry Sound through their advisory capacity to Council for the Town of Parry Sound.

Property Standards Committee

This Committee only meets to hear an appeal of a Property Standards ORDER, issued under the Town of Parry Sound Property Standards By-law. It is currently under review to make it an Appeals Committee which would include other appeals processes, not only property standards.

Provincial Offences Advisory Committee

The Town of Parry Sound provides administration, court support and prosecution related to proceedings commenced under the Provincial Offences Act (POA) through an Inter-municipal Service Agreement with the Ministry of the Attorney General on behalf of all the member municipalities.

Waterfront Advisory Committee - Terms of Reference Scheduled for Review