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Local Area Committees and Boards


The following is a list of area joint committees, boards and commissions where Parry Sound Council appoints lay and/or Council representatives.

9-1-1 Management Committee - Lead Municipality - Township of McKellar

The 9-1-1 Management Committee was established in 1998 to provide advice on the 9-1-1 service.

Belvedere Heights Board of Directors

A Board of Management is appointed to operate and maintain one or more municipal homes under the Long-Term Care Homes Act, 2007, O. Reg. 79/10.

For more information, visit the Belvedere Heights website.

Community Policing Advisory Committee

A community policing advisory committee shall advise the detachment commander of the Ontario Provincial Police detachment assigned to the municipality, or municipalities, or his or her designate, with respect to objectives and priorities for police services in the municipality or municipalities, in accordance with the Police Services Act of Ontario, Section 5.1.

For more information, visit the OPP website.

District of Parry Sound Municipal Association

Formed in 1936 and representing all District of Parry Sound municipalities, school boards and road commissions in unorganized Townships in Parry Sound District and Part of Nipissing District if they are members in good standing. DPSMA is a forum to present resolutions for expressing concerns about local municipal issues. The resolutions are forwarded to the appropriate ministries or agencies.

For more information, contact the Township of Perry.

North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit Board

The Health Protection and Promotion Act (HPPA) authorizes the governing body, the Board of Health, and its staff to control communicable disease and other health hazards in the community. It also mandates the health unit to perform proactive functions in the area of health promotion and disease prevention.

For more information, visit the North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit website.

Park to Park Trail Association Board

Currently the Park to Park Trail Association has an active Board of Directors providing guidance and support to the staff and volunteers of the Park to Park Trail. The board consists of community members from across the Park to Park region, from Carling to Huntsville to Kearney. We are fortunate to have representation from six municipal councils, two snowmobile districts, as well as local businesses and non-profit organizations.

For more information, visit the Park to Park Trail website.

Parry Sound Area Chamber of Commerce Board

The Parry Sound Area Chamber of Commerce creates an environment to support local member businesses and the community by providing opportunities for networking, partnerships, use of government services, advocacy, education, and marketing.

For more information, visit the Parry Sound Area Chamber of Commerce website.

Parry Sound Area Industrial Park Board

The Parry Sound Area Industrial Park was established in the 1970s to become an industrial area with an ultimate size of 900 acres on the west side of Highway 69 in Carling Township. It is operated through an operational agreement consisting of three local area municipalities which are Carling Township, the Municipality of McDougall, and the Town of Parry Sound.  Each municipality appoints representatives to the Parry Sound Area Industrial Park Board to manage the affairs of the Park.

For more information, visit the Parry Sound Area Industrial Park website.

Parry Sound Area Municipal Airport Commission

The Commission is responsible for operating, maintaining and improving an aerodrome (airport) in compliance with the Aeronautics Act, R.S.C. 1985 and Air Regulations Canada. This airport is located in the Township of Seguin.

For more information, visit the Parry Sound Area Municipal Airport website.

Parry Sound Area Planning Board

In 1983 provincial legislation combined Parry Sound's Planning Board with other municipal planning boards to create the Parry Sound Area Planning Board. The Parry Sound Area Planning Board provides advice and assistance in respect of such planning matters affecting the planning area that are referred to the board.

For more information, visit the Parry Sound Area Planning Board website.

Parry Sound District Social Services Administration Board (DSSAB)

The District of Parry Sound Social Services Administration Board is a corporation that was formed by the District Social Services Administration Boards Act in February 1999. The Board is represented by Municipalities and Unincorporated areas within the geographic area of the District of Parry Sound through the appointment of 15 Board members.

For more information, visit the Parry Sound District Social Services Administration Board website.

Parry Sound Downtown Business Association

The PSDBA is responsible for the improvement, beautification, maintenance of municipally owned land, buildings and structures in the downtown improvement area set out in By-law 2013-6238, Schedule "A", beyond such improvement, beautification and maintenance as is provided at the expense of the municipality at large. It is also charged with the full promotion of the downtown improvement area as a business and/or shopping area.

For more information, visit the Parry Sound Downtown Business Associationwebsite.

Parry Sound Public Library

The mission of the Parry Sound Public Library Board is "to be the gateway to a lifelong love of reading, joy of learning, and search for information". The Board seeks to provide a comprehensive and efficient public library service that reflects the community's unique needs. Per the Public Libraries Act, the Board is composed of no less than five members and no more than nine members. Five members shall represent the Town of Parry Sound; additional members may be appointed on the basis of one representative per contracting municipality for library services. Currently those municipalities are Carling, McDougall and The Archipelago. Appointments are made by resolution by the Town of Parry Sound per By-law 2017-6698.

For more information on programs and services, visit the Parry Sound Public Library website.

Wellness Centre & Pool Committee

New! -  Based on citizens' surveyed  input, the Wellness Centre & Pool Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) has completed its Report and Recommendations on programs and services wanted in a West Parry Sound Area Recreation & Culture Centre. The Report was  submitted on August 14, 2020 to the Steering Committee for review. This background presentation helped inform citizens when providing input through a survey.

The Wellness Centre & Pool Committee (WCPC), is composed of an appointed Mayor or Council member from each of the seven Parry Sound area municipalities. From the WCPC Terms of Reference, the Committee has a mandate to "gather information, undertake studies and conduct other analysis, sufficient for the Committee to make a 'Go, No-Go' recommendation to the respective participating Councils to proceed with the construction of the Wellness Centre & Pool."

Per the decision-making governance structure, the WCPC makes recommendations for adoption by each member municipality. The WCPC is supported by a Steering Committee composed of the seven area municipal Chief Administrative Officers. A Citizens Advisory Committee, composed of a maximum of fifteen members of the public bringing different skills sets and expertise, reports to the Steering Committee.

The firm CS&P Architects were the successful bidders on an RFP and as of early October, 2019 are undertaking due diligence work regarding site selection, understanding what the community’s needs are, capital costs based on those needs and the location, servicing costs and a business plan to address operating costs once it is built. The seven area municipalities agreed on a cost sharing formula to undertake the due diligence work.

With respect to cost sharing for the capital build and ongoing operations, each area municipality as well as Wasauksing First Nation and Shawanaga First Nation have committed to resolutions which identify that the proposed commitment and share of the estimated capital and operating costs of the project for each municipality and First Nation be determined upon completion of the CS&P report with Citizen Advisory Committee input and development of a facility governance model. 

On November 12, 2019, the Steering Committee submitted a grant application to the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP) - Community, Culture & Recreation stream. Response is expected in spring, 2020. 

The WCPC meetings are open to the public, are live streamed and recorded. If the meeting is currently streaming, click here to view it on YouTube. To see a playlist of all recorded WCPC meetings on YouTube, click here

Using keyword "pool", search the Council & Committee calendar to find out when the next meetings are being held and to view publicly posted agendas and minutes of both the area heads of Council Wellness Centre & Pool Committee, and the Citizens Advisory Committee.

West Parry Sound District Museum

The museum was created to collect, conserve, and research, house, and exhibit and interpret those objects that best serve to illustrate the history of the West Parry Sound District. There are 15 Directors on the Board; 7 of which are appointed by each participating municipality with the remainder being chosen from the general membership.

For more information, visit the Museum on Tower Hill website.

West Parry Sound Election Compliance Committee

This committee only meets when a written election compliance audit is filed by a municipal elector with the Clerk of Municipality of McDougall, Town of Parry Sound , Township of Seguin, Township of McKellar, Township of Carling or the Township of The Archipelago.