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Driveway Permit


Town of Parry Sound Municipal Office sign

  • Give the Public Works Department a drawing of your planned driveway installation. They will let you know if it is okay or if it needs to be changed.

    The following points will help you design the entrance:

  • Entrance to be 1 metre from your property line;
  • Driveway to be between 3 metres and 9 metres wide;
  • Distance between driveway and an intersection to be 7 metres or more;
  • Intersecting angle between the driveway entrance and the road must be at least 60 degrees;
  • Each lot is allowed 2 driveways only for the first 30 metres of frontage and 1 driveway only for each additional 30 metres of frontage;
  • If you have 2 driveways or a circular driveway, the distance between the 2 entrances must be 6 metres or more.

    Please remember:

  • Do not disturb storm water drainage;
  • Storm water cannot drain to Town property or any other property;
  • Storm water from the street cannot enter your property or your neighbor's property;
  • Your driveway cannot block your sight line or the sight line of street traffic when you are enter or leave your driveway;
  • Repair of sidewalk and curb damage that is created by you is at your cost and the repairs to be approved by the Town's Public Works Department.

    If you have any questions, please contact the Public Works Department.