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Earth Day


Earth Day


Town of Parry Sound
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On April 22nd, and every other day lets change our habits for a brighter future. 

Visit for all of the information you need. From tips and tricks to reduce your carbon footprint, to how to comute and travel sustainably and so much more. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we will be promoting activities and ways you help our planet on our Facebook Page rather then through a big event. So stay tuned for helpful information, activities to do with the family and different ways you can help our planet! You can also check out the 21 actions for the planet initiative below from Earth Day Canada. 


21 Actions For The Planet

These are actions that you can integrate into your everyday life to improve the world around you!

1. Digital Cleaning - reduce your digital footprint by deleting the emails you no longer need, using an eco-conscious search engine, and avoid large attachments. 

2. Zero Food Waste - plan your meals, try not to purchase a large variety of fruits & vegetables that will go bad quickly, and plan to cook enough so that there is leftovers for the following day/freezer. 

3. Make Your Own Cosmetics - this can help reduce cost, going out to shop, and help you get a bit more creative. But more importantly, is will help lower the plastic in your bathroom. 

4. Conserve Energy - switch out your light bulbs for LEDs and lower your heat in your house. 

5. Start A Garden - growing herbs and vegetables can be great for lowering your grocery bill. Plants and flowers can also help our pollinators and create for oxygen. 

6. Walking - to reduce transmissions, save money and to get healthier and more active! 

7. Environmental Volunteering - organizations that help with food security, gardening, planting and increasing awareness about our environment are always looking for an extra pair of helping hands. 

8. Bottle-Deposit - it takes less energy to manufacture a can out of recycled material then it does to create a new one. So, hold onto any containers and bring them to an organization that supports the deposit-refund system. 

9. Renovate in an Environmentally Friendly Way - using natural paint, and retrofitting are just some of the things you can do. 

10. Eat Seasonally - buy in-season produce to avoid minimal processing and shorter travel while buying from local farmers. 

11. Home Made Cleaning Products - to avoid unnecessary chemicals that are harmful to the environment and your health, and to decrease the amount of plastic! 

12. Compost - instead of throwing organic waste in the trash, compost it! To reduce your waste going to a landfill by 1/3. 

13. Battery Recycling - collect your old batteries and bring them up the the Transfer Station to dispose of them.

14. Use Reusable Bags - plastic bags can take 100-400 years to biodegrade in nature. Lets do our part to use reusable bags every day. 

15. Bike not Drive - on average 1/3 of all trips are 5km or less, which is the prefect distance to use a bike rather then drive. 

16. Protect our Pollinators - about 80% of all plants and flowers (including fruits and vegetables) need pollinators. We can help our pollinator friends by having nectar-producing plants and saying no to pesticides. 

17. Eat Local Produce - fewer transmission emissions and fresher produce as well as supporting our local farmers are all great reasons to eat local. 

18.  Zero Waste - reducing our single use plastics (bags, straws, cups, and containers) can be a great start to the Zero-Waste lifestyle. Follow Zero Waste Canada for more tips and tricks. 

19. Repair Instead of Throw Away - we can save a lot of resources (and money) by repairing items rather then throwing them away and replacing them. 

20. Vegetarian Meal Day - a large percentage of emissions and deforestation are due to animal farming. Try to enjoy one meal a week with out the use of meat. For ideas visit Toronto Vegetarian Associations Facebook page

21. Buying Second Hand - more affordable, environmentally friendly and more ethical. 

  The above list is provided by Earth Day Canada ( For more information please visit their website.