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Obstruction of Sidewalks

Sidewalk obstructions can be an inconvenience and hazard to pedestrians trying to use the sidewalk. To ensure safe pedestrian passage and accessibility the Town requires a 1.2m sidewalk clearance and 2.8m height clearance.

The Obstruction of Sidewalks By-law prohibits the placement of objects on, under and over sidewalks unless you have a permit. You may not close or block off any portion of a sidewalk without a permit, and may receive a work-stoppage order or fines if you violate this by-law. You can apply for a permit by completing the Obstruction of sidewalk application.

Example of sidewalk obstruction: placement of merchandise, signs; waste bins; construction equipment (cranes, hoists) storage and completing construction, demolish or renovation work on your premise and using the sidewalk as your work area.