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Parry Sound Area Industrial Park

The Parry Sound Area Industrial Park was established in the 1970 's with the help of the Federal, Provincial, and Municipal governments for the purpose of creating a Parry Sound Area industrial space.

About the Industrial Park


The Parry Sound Area Industrial Park is conveniently located close to a Highway 69/400 interchange and is approximately 15 minutes from the downtown core of Parry Sound.

The Park itself is located within Carling Township and is operated through an agreement between Carling Township, the Municipality of McDougall, and the Town of Parry Sound.


The Park is approximately 1,000 acres in size.


Water, sewage, and 3-phase hydroelectric power service the Park.

All land is zoned industrial and is priced at $25,000 per acre.


The Parry Sound Area Industrial Park's website offers helpful information about the Parry Sound area's economic profile, lifestyle, and funding, including site selection at the Park.