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Community Business and Development Centre

The Parry Sound Area Community Business & Development Centre (CB & DC) is a federally supported not-for-profit Community Futures Development Corporation, governed by volunteers in partnership with FedNor. The services provided by the CB&DC exist to promote economic growth and community development of the Parry Sound region.

The centre focuses on job creation by community strategic planning and providing funding and advisory services to area businesses. Industry Canada/FedNor and others provide various Tools for Business to assist both start-up and existing businesses. The CB&DC can offer these products as tools to entrepreneurs in the Parry Sound area.

CB&DC wants to make the West Parry Sound region a thriving economic hub for those living and visiting. This is accomplished by providing loans to assist both start-up and existing businesses. Since opening its doors in 1987 the CB&DC has approved over 539 loans, valuing over 47 million dollars. The CB&DC has created and assisted in maintaining 2292 jobs in the local area.

Contact the CB&DC today to see your business dreams become reality.