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Businesses Who Do Well Here

Who's Already Here?

A growing market for small businesses: work near a place you & your employees love to live.  Young business partners are moving to Parry Sound a region they love, and starting their businesses in a family-friendly environment.

Manufacturers in Parry Sound 
have access to northern natural resources, while being close enough to urban centres to get good transport logistics.

Artists flourish
, among a large art community and quaint spaces to showcase their work; Parry Sound attracts art-enthusiasts all year round.

Start your venture among a thriving business community

Conduct ecological research in the world's largest freshwater archipelago.  
The Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve contains unique species, habitats and terrain suitable to various fields of research.

Shooting on location at Parry Sound
,  there's natural scenery, heritage buildings, and friendly locals that support the film industry.

  • Episodes of Eyewitness (Starring Morgan Freeman and James Paxton) were shot in Parry Sound
  • Northern Rescue (A CBC series starring William Baldwin) was shot in Parry Sound
  • Wickensburg (starring Denise Richards) was shot in Parry Sound  
  • No film permit fees

Learn more about shooting on location in Parry Sound.