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Building and Construction

Building is a part of the Development and Protective Services Department. The role of the Building Department is to:

  • Respond to inquiries from the public and Council regarding Building Code requirements.

  • Administer the building permit process, inspect to ensure compliance and enforce requirements; and
  • Provide advice on regulations for the installation of signs.

1. Zoning: It is important to understand your property’s zoning and regulations for permitted uses, lot coverage, setbacks etc. before you apply for a building permit. Please see the links below for the Town’s interactive zoning map and by-law. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our planning staff.

Interactive Zoning Map

Zoning By-Law

2. Site Plan and Construction Drawings: Please prepare and submit a site plan and any construction drawings of your project that clearly show all existing and proposed structures, dimensions, and setbacks. It is recommended that you retain the services of a BCIN qualified designer to complete your building plans.

3. Submit Application: Using Cloudpermit, please submit a complete application and attach the site plan, construction drawings, and any other prescribed forms (including a Local Service Connection application and Development Charges application if applicable). Your application will be reviewed for completeness, Ontario Building Code compliance, and zoning compliance.

PLEASE NOTE: Building permits will enter the review period after the submission of a complete application. Ensure that you have provided all required documents and the necessary conditions have been met in order to avoid permit delays.

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The Building Code Act requires a building permit for the construction of any structure, which results in a building area of over ten square metres, (108 square feet) including additions, alterations, and renovations and includes plumbing not located in a structure and other designated structures. The following is a partial list of typical projects requiring a building permit. If you are not clear as to whether or not a permit is required, please contact the building department prior to starting the work.

Typical projects requiring a permit:

  • Construct a structure  - 10 square metres or 108 square feet including a House, Deck, Boathouse, Gazebo, Carport or Garage and walkways, stairs and docks.
  • Any new shed greater than 15 square metres or 161 square feet
  • Repair or replace anything structural
  • Installation of sanitary or water services
  • Additions - of any size, including those under 108 sq. ft.
  • New fireplaces, woodstoves, and chimneys
  • Excavate a basement or construct a foundation
  • Retaining walls (depending on location and height)
  • Adding or removing walls
  • Interior structural alterations
  • Heating system in new building or altering an existing heating system
  • Alteration of window size - increasing opening size
  • Dormers or finishing of attic space
  • Finishing a basement
  • Roofing - If materials will be altered (ie. shingle to metal) or structural repairs are necessary.
  • New plumbing or alterations to plumbing
  • Demolition of all or part of a building
  • Change of Use of all or part of a building
  • Addition of a dwelling unit in an existing building (Second Unit information)

Typical projects that may not require a building permit:

  • You must comply with the requirements of the Zoning By-law and other applicable law.
  • A building permit may not be required for a detached accessory structure that measures 10 square metres or 108 square feet or less that does not contain plumbing.
  • Surface or roof drainage contained to a dry well on the property.
  • Kitchen or bathroom cupboards provided there are no changes to plumbing, refrigerator or range.
  • Replacing windows with the same material and opening with no structural change. Provided dwelling is 4 feet from property line.
  • Painting, flooring and decorating.
  • Landscaping - any landscaping shall be:

    • Graded so that it will not adversely affect adjacent property.
    • Direct water away from the building.
  • Fences - Must comply with zoning bylaw regulations.

Building permit applications can be submitted through Cloudpermit, our online building permit system. You will be able to submit and track the status of your permit. 

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Do I require a designer?

Depending on the building type and scope of work, the construction drawings may be required to be designed by a qualified and registered designer, architect, professional engineer, or a combination thereof. There are some exemptions to this rule. One such exemption allows the homeowner to take responsibility for the design of certain aspects of a project related to a house.

After your permit has been issued and construction has begun, the work must be inspected by qualified municipal building inspectors at various stages during construction as per the Ontario Building Code.

It is the responsibility of the person in control of the project to call for required inspections. Our requirement for notice is a minimum of 48 hours.

Inspections can be requested through your permit application workspace on Cloudpermit. 

How to request an inspection in Cloudpermit


2023 Building Permit Values - By Permit Type

Permit Type Description Total Permits Total Permit Value
Major (A) Permits
  • Residential projects over $50,000
  • Non-residential projects over $250,000
33 $20,513,925
Minor Permits
  • Residential projects under $50,000
  • Non-residential projects under $250,000
32 $1,408,700
Other Permits
  • Signs
  • Other permits not counted in statistics
18 $307,024
Total   83 $22,229,649


Year Total Permits Total Permit Value
2022 66 $14,682,265
2021 108 $21,182,945
2020 112 $15,727,755
2019 117 $16,502,113
2018 123 $15,768,700
2017 141 $10,080,412
2016 120 $12,431,635
2015 116 $7,863,112
2014 107 $23,599,640
2013 116 $7,426,784
2012 139 $9,458,316
2011 117 $7,457,575
2010 180 $18,500,208
2009 210 $17,965,914


Ontario Building Code

Please use the links below to access the 2012 Ontario Building Code and related documents. 

Ontario Building Code Act (website: most recent edition)

Ontario Building Code (website: most recent edition)

2012 Ontario Building Code- Volume 1 (PDF)

2012 Ontario Building Code- Volume 2 (PDF)

© Queen’s Printer for Ontario, 2022. Reproduced with permission.


Ontario Building Code Amendments

Remote Inspections & Tiny Homes (December 20, 2021)

Amendments to Stair & Landing Configuration (January 2022) (PDF)

Reporting Lightweight Construction (March 15, 2022)

Supporting More Homes for Everyone Act (April 29, 2022). This amends Building Code requirements for shed construction (Amendment #28 C.


Compliance with Applicable Law

Your project may be required to adhere with other applicable law and jurisdictions relating to electrical, septic systems, construction near water, highways etc., or be subject to Notice of Project with the Ministry of Labour.

Electrical Safety Authority

North Bay Mattawa Conservation Authority 

Ministry of Labour

Ministry of Natural Resources 

Ministry of Transportation


Other Resources

Tiny Homes

Citizen's Guide to Land Use Planning


Further information related to building and construction

Contact Information & Office Hours

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Building & Planning Department
52 Seguin Street
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T. (705) 746-2101 x225
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