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Parry Sound Advantage

Why Parry Sound?

The Town of Parry Sound is the gateway to Northern Ontario.  Parry Sound is strategically located just 2 hours north of Toronto's Pearson International Airport on Hwy 400 and only 90 minutes south of Sudbury.  The Parry Sound Municipal Airport provides air service.

You can do any type of business here while accessing your suppliers, clients and business partners.  The Town of Parry Sound's Business Stimulus Plan puts business first.  Experienced municipal staff will help you with your site selection and guide you through the development or business start-up process.  There's a growing community of new and established businesses.  Learn how your venture will succeed in the Town of Parry Sound.

Affordable properties, suitable for investment in residential, commercial, and industrial development.  Live on the water
, and enjoy beautiful community spaces and a healthy nature-based lifestyle [links to old website orphan page].  Experience a cultural hub of cafes and boutique stores in Parry Sound's downtown.  Lifestyle, education and healthcare attract people of all ages to the Town of Parry Sound; including individuals, young couples, and retirees.

Read more about what Parry Sound offers its residents or learn about Council support for developing Parry Sound - there's plenty of land available!

Parry Sound is located within the heart of the UNESCO Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve and tucked among the 30,000 islands making it a popular tourist destination. From beautiful shoreline hiking trails, to all kinds of water activities, Parry Sound is a natural playground where you can experience the outdoors.  Tourists are drawn Downtown, to a variety of boutique retail stores and handcrafted artisan goods.  And each year visitors come for the Festival of the Sound, engaging in Parry Sound's vibrant arts and culture scene at the Stockey Centre.  See what else tourists do in the Town of Parry Sound.