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A Sound Future - Parry Sound 2044

Official Plan Review

An Official Plan is a long-range document that looks out 20 years into the future. It sets out the high-level vision for the community and provides direction on land use and related matters to help guide growth and development and decision making. The Province of Ontario requires that an Official Plan must conform to and be consistent with Provincial legislation and policies. The Town of Parry Sound’s current Official Plan was approved in 2014, so it is time for a major review and update.

An Official Plan does not regulate land in the way that a Zoning By-law does. Rather, the Official Plan directs future growth by articulating a vision and goals, and establishing parameters to evaluate applications for change.

In undertaking this project, the community has the opportunity to provide input into the future vision of the Town and what is important and valued about your community. The current Official Plan must reflect Provincial direction, and more importantly, it must reflect the community’s vision.

The current Official Plan includes the following sections:

The Town has retained MHBC Planning to assist with the Official Plan Review project. The project is expected to take approximately one year to complete. A soft launch of the project began in the late fall of 2023. The following are some of the key components of the project:

Phase 1 – Background Research and Review

 Phase 2 – Preparation of Draft Update to Official Plan

Phase 3 – Final Official Plan

  • Review of feedback on Draft Official Plan
  • Preparation of Final Draft
  • Recommendation to Council for Adoption (approximately November 2024)
  • Submission for approval

Throughout the project, there will be opportunities to be involved such as providing feedback on discussion papers and the Draft Official Plan. The Town will provide notice of these opportunities and welcome your feedback.

Register your interest to stay informed of this project by submitting your email address to the following email address:

Please register your interest in staying informed on this project by sending your information to