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2023 Annual Sewer Flushing Information

Every year, we flush the sewer systems to make sure they are clean, clear and working properly. This year's sewer flushing is scheduled to commence the week of June 5, 2023.

During the sewer cleaning process, it is possible for air pressure to be created inside the sewer pipe. Most of the time, the pressurized air escapes with no impact. Sometimes the air can only escape through the service connection between your house and our sewer system, and will expel through the internal plumbing vents without incident.

If there is a defect in your home’s plumbing (like a blocked sewer pipe or vent) or the venting is too small or non-existent, the air pressure may escape through a toilet, floor drain or the nearest exit it can find. This can result in the release of unpleasant odours and, in rare occasions, water splashing from the toilet into your home/business. When this happens, it is known as a “blow-back”.

If you have blow-back, check your plumbing to ensure that your service connection and vent pipes are clear of debris and are functioning properly.

Flush toilets and run water in any sinks, as well as refill traps in any floor drains affected. This is completed by simply introducing water into them.

If you have any questions please contact the Town office at 705-746-2101 extension 213 or 236.

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