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Results are available below for the 2022 Municipal and School Board elections held on October 24th.

  • May 2 - Nomination period commences. Closes August 19.
  • August 19 - Nomination Day.
  • August 22 - Certification of nomination papers before 4 p.m. - Acclamations after 4 p.m.
  • July 31 to September 1 - Receipt of Preliminary List of Electors (PLE) from the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) on a date between July 31 and September 1 of an election year as agreed upon by the Clerk and MPAC.
  • September 1 - Period for revisions to the voters' list (September 1 - October 24).
  • October 11 to 24 - Internet & Telephone Voting open.
  • October 24 - Election Day.
  • November 15 - New Council Term Start Date.

In order to be eligible to vote in the Parry Sound Municipal Election, on Election Day you must be a Canadian citizen, 18 years or older and reside in Parry Sound, or be an owner or tenant of land in Parry Sound, or be the spouse of such owner or tenant.

Contact the Municipal Clerk at 705-746-2101 or e-mail to confirm whether you are on the Voter's list. 

You may also come to the Town Office up to 8:00 PM on Election Day to check if you are on the Voter's List and, if not, subject to eligibility, can get added to it and receive your Voter Information Letter with all information on the voting process. 

Since 2014, the voting method in the Parry Sound municipal election is vote by telephone or internet only. Voters can vote by telephone from anywhere in North America and by internet from anywhere in the world during the election time frame.  Check Election History - Telephone and Internet Voting.

Eligible electors should receive a Voter Information Letter (VIL) in the mail with information on how to access the internet and telephone voting. If you did not receive a VIL, contact the Municipal Clerk at 705-746-2101 or e-mail

The Town Office has a voting station set up with a computer. Town staff is also available for anyone requiring assistance to vote by internet or telephone.

The following candidates have filed their nomination papers in accordance with the Municipal Elections Act section 33, and have been certified by the Clerk. Candidates are ordered alphabetically by last name. 



Vanessa Backman

Eric Hansman

Jamie McGarvey




George Ashford

Sandra Ausma

Joe Beleskey

Paul Borneman

Bonnie Keith

Alaina King

Doug McCann

Chris McDonald

Seanan Megyesi



School Trustee, Near North District School Board, Zone 4, (English Public)

John Cochrane

Howard Wesley



School Trustee, Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District Separate School Board, Area 5, (English Separate) (from Town of Bracebridge Returning Office)

Joshua Boutotte

Aidan Harold



Conseiller Scolaire, Conseil Scolaire Public du Nord-Est de l'Ontario, Secteur A, (French Public) (from Municipality of East Ferris Returning Office) 

Bruce Cazabon (ACCLAIMED) 



Conseillere Scolaire, Conseil scolaire catholique MonAvenir Board #64, Région #1, (French Catholic) (from City of Barrie Returning Office)

Claire Thibideau (ACCLAIMED) 


Third Party - none

Every Candidate shall file the "Financial Statement - Auditor's Report " Form 4 on or before 2:00 PM, March 31, 2023 with the Clerk with whom their nomination was filed in accordance with Section 88.25 of the Municipal Elections Act, 1996, as amended reflecting the Candidate's election campaign finances as of December 31 in the year of the election.

Clerk's Statement of Candidate Campaign Report Filing


Office of Mayor:


Eric HANSMAN - No Statement filed



Office of Councillor:


Sandra AUSMA



Bonnie KEITH

Alana KING



Seanan MEGYESI - No Statement filed


Office of Near North District School Board Trustee - Zone 4

John Cochrane

Howard Wesley


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