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The Parry Sound Fire Department is currently under review, reconstruction and is a work in progress temporarily.


Parry Sound Fire Department's greatest resource is its firefighters. We currently have 28 active Firefighters on our roster.

The Officers consist of Fire Chief, Deputy Chief, Chief Training Officer, Fire Prevention Officer/Captain, 3 additional Captains and 2 Lieutenants.

Lieutenant Austin Benson

Occupation: Brake / Shear Operator

Years of Fire Service: 3

FUN FACT: Austin was Time Magazine's Person of the Year in 2006.

Firefighter Mitchell Brown

Occupation: Handyman and Investor

Years of Service: 2

FUN FACT: Mitchell loves to fish for Musky in the summer and jig for trout in the winter.

Firefighter Scott Burgie

Occupation: Electrician

Years of Service: 2

FUN FACT: "I would love to meet that Irish guy on the cereal box, very charming! He deserves an Oscar.


Occupation: Canadian Coast Guard

Years of Service: 1

FUN FACT: Michael has been a wedding DJ since he was 14 years old.

Firefighter Graham Clark


Years of service: 2



Occupation: Retail Customer Service

Years of Service: 1

FUN FACT: Jessica commented that there are almost as many dogs as there are people in her family.

Firefighter Dwayne Eckstein

Occupation: Shipping and Receiving

Years of Service: 4

FUN FACT: Dwayne is known as the "puppy factory extraordinaire" to his co-workers and loves to spend time with his boys.

Captain John Forbes

Occupation: Plumbing Industry (business owner/operator)

Years of Service: 24


Deputy Chief Wayne Gilbert

Occupation: RETIRED (after a rewarding 42 year career in the plumbing and HVAC industry)

Years of Service: 37

FUN FACT: Wayne's passion besides his family is traveling to all parts of the world and meeting interesting and intriguing people.

Firefighter Ioannis Giourousis


Years of Service: 3


Firefighter Jeremy Hobourn

Occupation: Construction Industry

Years of Service: 4

FUN FACT: Jeremy enjoys being in the outdoors fishing and ATV riding.

Firefighter Richard Hobourn

Occupation: Utility Electrical Supervisor

Years of Service: 28

FUN FACT: Richard is a second generation firefighter and a second generation "Hobie"

Firefighter Anthony Jacklin

Occupation: Construction Industry

Years of Service: 2


Firefighter Tre Martin


Years of Service: 4


Firefighter Ben Mascioli

Occupation: Chef / Owner Operated Restaurant

Years of Service: 11

FUN FACT: Ben fell out of an aircraft at 13000 feet and luckily his parachute worked.

Captain Ed Matthews

Occupation: RETIRED

Years of Service: 21 + 14 additional


Chief Training Officer Oliver Moloney

Occupation: Locomotive Engineer

Years of Service: 14 + 7 additional

FUN FACT: Oliver became a locomotive engineer at the age of 23.


Occupation: Water Well Driller

Years of Service: 1

FUN FACT: Colin played 5 years varsity football with Acadia University.

Captain Thomas McGown

Occupation: Sound and Lighting Technician

Years of Service: 11

FUN FACT: Thomas is a fifth generation of one of Parry Sounds founding families.


Occupation: Community Inclusion and Support Facilitator

Years of Service: 1

FUN FACT: Danielle played 4 years of women's hockey on a scholarship in the US and then went on to play in the Professional Women's Hockey League in Finland.

Firefighter Sheri Skinner

Occupation: Administrative Assistant, Parry Sound Fire Department

Years of Service: 16

FUN FACT: The sentence, "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" uses every letter in the English language.

Fire Chief Dave Thompson

Occupation: Director of Emergency and Protective Services Town of Parry Sound

Years of Service: 9 + 14 additional

FUN FACT: The Fire Chief has 4 first names...not making that up.

Firefighter Malcolm Thompson

Occupation: Construction Industry

Years of service: 2

FUN FACT: Malcolm loves a game of golf when not working at any of his other commitments.

Fire Prevention Officer John Tuck

Occupation: FPO, Parry Sound Fire Department

Years of Service: 36

FUN FACT: John is EVERYONE'S favorite FPO!

Firefighter Gayle Warrilow

Occupation: Sailor

Years of Service: 28

FUN FACT: Gayle is truly a legend as she was the first ever female firefighter with the PSFD.

Lieutenant Chris Wood

Occupation: Electrical Technician

Years of Service: 14

FUN FACT: Chris loves nothing more than spending time with his family.

Firefighter Peter Woods

Occupation: Old Age Home Housekeeping

Years of Service: 21 + 7 additional

FUN FACT: Peter loves spending time playing in the mud on his ATV and SCUBA diving 120 feet below.

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