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Warranty Programs - Optional

In December 2016, The Town of Parry Sound, in conjunction with Service Line Warranties of Canada, also known as SLWC, executed a Marketing Agreement by By-law that will be offering an optional Service Line Warranty Program to Parry Sound homeowners. Some homeowners may already be covered under their own insurance. Some homeowners may not be able to get coverage for protection of the water line, waste water line and in-home plumbing & drainage. This program will provide Parry Sound homeowners with options for coverage. Participation is optional for homeowners in Parry Sound.

Did you know

As a homeowner you are responsible for the water and sewer service lines that run from outside your home to the public main. When your service line breaks, leaks or clogs, the repair could cost thousands of dollars - hard on a budget! Most homeowner policies do not cover these repair costs. However, should you be considering this optional warranty program we suggest you contact your insurer to see if you are already covered.

Partnering with Service Line Warranties of Canada

Program details

The Service Line Warranty program provides water and sewer service line warranties to cover repair costs to the private portion of the service lines. These warranty plans include:

  • Water line warranty - Covers the cost of repairing broken or leaking outside water lines
  • Waste water line warranty - Covers the cost of repairing broken, leaking or clogged outside sewer lines
  • In-home plumbing & drainage warranty - Covers the cost of broken or leaking water or sewer lines inside the house, including drain lines connected to the main sewer stack. This does not cover faucets or fixtures, venting issues or gas lines.

One phone call to SLWC and a local, licensed, reputable plumber will make the repair to your satisfaction and according to Ontario Building Code.

Are the warranty plans considered insurance?

The Plans are a warranty service plan offered by SLWC as an independent private provider. Although the Plans use terms like deductible, coverage and exclusions the Plans are not insurance, but a contract pledge to arrange for a local contractor to repair your service lines.

Ask your insurance provider if your policy covers repairs to water and sewer line systems. If your policy does not cover water or sewer utility lines, consider the Service Line Warranty program. For more information about the program have a look at the Service Line Warranties of Canada website:

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