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Lost and Found Pets

Is your pet is missing? We can help you in your search.

Post your lost pet information on our Facebook wall. Include in your post a recent picture, your pet's name, breed, sex, age, colour, when last seen and your contact information. Our Facebook friends will help you find your pet.

Found pets

If you have found a dog, contact the By-law Enforcement Department at 705-746-2413 and an officer will retrieve the found dog and take to the municipal pound.  This includes dogs found after hours. 

If you make the decision to hold onto the found pet, the Bylaw Department recommends that you do all things possible to find the owner - posters, radio, social media.

Remember: A Municipal Dog License is the best way to ensure that your dog returns home.

When your pet goes missing

  1. Check our Facebook wall to see if your dog has been impounded or if anyone reported finding your pet.
  2. Check with neighbours, showing a current picture is always helpful.
  3. Walk your neighbourhood and watch for and call for your pet. Take a picture with you to show people you meet while walking.
  4. Make a "Lost Pet" poster. Your poster should include a picture, your pet's name, breed, sex, age, and colour and when last seen. Don't forget a phone number. You cannot place posters on utility poles. The bulletin boards at grocery stores, local veterinarians' offices, mall, your place of work and pet food stores are great places to leave posters.
  5. Visit the local veterinarians' offices to check for your pet and leave a poster.
  6. Contact Moose FM 705-746-2163 to have them announce your lost pet.
  7. Visit the Muskoka OSPCA to see if your pet is at the shelter.

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