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Road Safety Information

Road safety starts with you!

The Town takes road safety seriously. We are committed to keeping all users of our road infrastructure safe. The following are just some ways the Town promotes and supports road safety.

The Town's Operations Division maintains 104 kilometres of paved lanes and 2 kilometres of gravel lanes. Summer and winter maintenance is done on a priority basis as per provincial road classifications. Whether you are a motorist or a pedestrian or both, we urge you to familiarize yourself with the Town's road classifications and winter maintenance policy. This will help you to understand which streets and which areas will receive priority treatment during winter events and why. Our staff are committed to providing safe roads and sidewalks to all who travel them. The Operation Division will assist you if you have a concern about a particular road or sidewalk.

The speed limit within the municipality is 50 km per hour with the exception of Prospect Street which is 40 km per hour. The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) actively enforces the speed limits within the municipality. The Operations Division also completes random speed monitoring and forwards the results to the OPP to assist with enforcement purposes.

There are two Community Safety Zones (CSZ) located in Parry Sound. They are located on Bowes Street and Church/Joseph Street and are signed. Community Safety Zones are sections of roadway where public safety is of special concern. The purpose of a CSZ is to let motorists know they are within a safety zone and fines are increased.

Traffic calming measures are implemented to address issues with vehicles speeding, high traffic volumes and neighbourhood safety. Examples of traffic calming measures vary from minor roadway improvements to the installation of traffic controls such as: on street parking, traffic signage or pavement markings, and crossing guards. All traffic calming measures help to reduce the speed and volume of traffic to improve the safety and quality of life for residents. The Traffic Calming Guidelines will assist you in requesting a change or safety improvement in your neighbourhood.

The municipal by-laws enhance road safety, such as: Traffic By-law, Parking By-law and Obstruction of Sidewalk By-law. Your adherence to the municipal by-laws and other rules of the road would be appreciated.

The School Crossing Guard program's partners (Fire Department, OPP and By-law Department) host several educational events annually to teach students safe pedestrian practices and educate motorist on safe driving tips; especially in the school zone.

The Town encourages drivers to practice safe driving behaviour at all times. We also ask you to help convince other drivers (and pedestrians) to be responsible too. Contact the Ontario Provincial Police to report dangerous and aggressive drivers to the police.

For more information on road safety visit:

Ministry of Transportation

Canada Safety Council

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