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Off Leash Areas

Dog parks are a great way for dogs and owners to have fun and make new friends. By following the rules of the park, being considerate of other owners and dogs, and closely supervising your own dog, you will contribute to the safe and inviting atmosphere many parks provide.

The Town has two areas where dogs may walk off of their leashes:


Rugged Fitness Trail

This trail is located along the shoreline north-west of the Salt Docks on Salt Dock Rd.

Location of the Rugged Fitness Trail


Yvonne Williams Park Dog Park

This park is located at the corner of William St. and Mill Lake Rd. Within the park there is a fenced area labelled as the "Dog Park". This is where dogs may be let off of their leashes.

Location of Yvonne Williams Dog Park


Rules of the Off Leash Areas

While in these areas owners must follow the posted rules:

  1. Each Dog shall be leashed when entering and exiting the recreation area.
  2. Each owner assumes all risk when entering into the recreation area.
  3. Each owner will be held liable for all actions of their dogs(s).
  4. Each owner shall be present, with a leash for each dog, and in view of their dog(s) at all times and the dog(s) shall be under the verbal control of its owner.
  5. Each dog shall have a current dog license and said license must be affixed.
  6. Each dog must be vaccinated.
  7. No owner shall bring to the recreation area an aggressive dog, or a potentially dangerous dog, which has a history of aggressive behaviour towards a domestic pet or person.
  8. Every owner shall clean up after his or her dog.
  9. A pit bull must be leashed and muzzled at all times in the recreation area.

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