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Water Meters

A water meter measures the amount of water a home or business uses, similar to how a hydro meter measures the amount of hydro used. The Town uses the water meter reading to calculate the water and sewer bill.

When do I install a water meter?

  • If you are a resident and have a newly constructed house
  • If you are a resident and voluntarily install a water meter
  • If you are a resident, and it is less than three months following your closing date on the sale of a property
  • If you are a commercial business owner
  • If you are a landlord and own a multi-unit dwelling

A metered account cannot go back to a flat rate account.

How much does it cost to have a meter installed?

The cost of the water meter depends on the meter size.  To pay for a water meter, you may chose one of two options:

  • Pay for the meter when you purchase it
  • Spread the payment over twelve equal payments, with an interest rate set at the Town's banking institution's prime lending rate.

The cost of installation is your responsibility.  The Town will not install the meter.

The water meter cost document can be made available in alternative formats upon request. 

How do I get a water meter?

  1. Find out what size you need and let the Finance Department know;
  2. Pay for the meter at the Town Office and pick up your meter;
  3. Have a licensed plumber install the meter;
  4. After installation, call the Finance Department to set up a time for a Water Operator to inspect the meter.

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