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A responsible dog owner ensures their pet is: spay/neutered, licensedcared for and that it is not a nuisance to the community. Here are a few very important things a dog owner must know.

Leash Law

Dogs must be on a leash when off of its owner's property with the exception of the off leash dog parks. An unleashed dog (dog at large) is a danger to motorists, pedestrians and itself. If there is a dog running at large in the community, a by-law enforcement officer will attempt to capture the dog. If the owner is unknown they will take the dog to the municipal pound

Stoop and Scoop

Dog owners are responsible to stoop and scoop after their pet. Dog waste is an environmental and a health hazard. Dog waste can transmit diseases to other people's pets and pollute our beaches and waterways.

Barking Dog

All dogs bark. A dog barking occasionally is not considered a problem; however, a dog which barks persistently is a nuisance to the community. Barking persistently means for extended periods of time and/or on a repeated basis.

Dog Bites and Aggressive Dogs

Dog bites and incidents involving aggressive dogs must be reported to the By-law Enforcement Department or the Ontario Provincial Police. When reporting a dog bite or aggressive dog you need to provide accurate information pertaining to the incident (date, time and location), dog owner information and a description of the dog. The Dog Owner's Liability Act outlines the dog owner's responsibility to prevent a bite or an attack.

Dog Bite Prevention

All dogs can bite. A responsible dog owner properly trains, socializes and keeps their dog under control to reduce the risk of their pet biting. Educating yourself, friends and family on the warning signs will reduce the risk of being bitten. Remember, it is everyone's responsibility to practice safe behaviour when around unfamiliar dogs.

Dog Licensing

The Animal Control By-law requires all dogs over the age of 6 months to be licensed.

Dog Cruelty

To report concerns about the welfare of an animal please contact 1-833-9-ANIMAL.

If you have concerns about an irresponsible dog owner please contact the By-law Enforcement Department.

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