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Trails Master Plan

The Town of Parry Sound received a Trails Master Plan on November 17, 2015.  The Trails Master Plan is a comprehensive document which identifies all walking, hiking, biking, ATVing and snowmobiling trails in the Town of Parry Sound.  The ATVing component will be considered in the future via a separate by-law.

The Plan recommends future routes and linkages which will benefit members of the community, public health, the environment and the economy.  It is a long term plan with many strategic goals, as well as many short term goals.

Some of the specific recommendations include:

  • Priority areas for sidewalks, including routes to schools and along busy roads;
  • Signage and other measures to promote safe use;
  • Bike lanes/trails on main arterial/collector roads;
  • Looping the Waterfront/Fitness Trail;
  • Identifying a possible ATV thoroughfare route through Town;
  • Connecting trail systems to neighbouring municipalities; and
  • Expanding upon the existing snowmobile trail network.

The Plan can be found here on the Town's website or by contacting Town staff.