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What If I Have A Ticket?

You have three options if you have received an offence notice.

Option 1- Voluntary Payment of Total Payable

You plead guilty and make payment of the total payable amount of the ticket.

Option 2 - Submissions to Penalty

You plead guilty; however you want to make a submission to the Justice of the Peace as to the penalty.

The Justice of the Peace can :

  • vary the amount of time to pay
  • vary the amount of the fine

The Justice of the Peace cannot :

  • change the charge
  • change the number of demerit points

Option 2 (POA s. 7 plea of guilt) is being held virtually. Generally, option 2 is available the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month. To make arrangements and receive information for Option 2, please contact us at (705) 746-2553 or

Option 3 - Trial

You plead not guilty and wish to challenge the charge or evidence at a trial. You must sign the back of the ticket and mail to Town of Parry Sound, 52 Seguin Street, Parry Sound P2A 1B4. You may also submit your trial request virtually by sending an email to

Any materials to be used in court during hearings can be sent to: If you have issues emailing materials, please contact our office.

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