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Code of Conduct

Council, Board and Committee Members

The Municipal Act in Ontario permits a municipal council to establish a Code of Conduct for its members of Council and for its Boards and Committees. That Code, together with provincial law, sets out the ethical standards of behaviour for members of Council and members of Boards and Committees to: 

  • protect the public interest;
  • encourage high ethical standards among municipal council, board and committee members;
  • provide a universal understanding of the fundamental rights, privileges, and obligations of municipal council, boards and committee members;
  • provide a means for municipal council, board and committee members to obtain authorization for some contemplated conduct in circumstances where they are uncertain as to the ethical appropriateness of that conduct;
  • set out recommendations to Council on how to address unethical conduct. 

Municipal Council members hold positions of privilege and trust. Therefore, they must discharge their duties in a manner that recognizes a fundamental commitment to the well-being of the community and regard for the integrity of the Corporation.The Town of Parry Sound approved a Council Code of Conduct in August of 2010 and there have been subsequent amendments. All elected officials (the Mayor and Councillors) and members of Boards and Committees are subject to the Code of Conduct.

For any concerns about Council's conduct and to view the process for complaints please go to the Integrity Commissioner page.

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