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Petitions to Council

According to the Council Procedural by-law:

24. Petitions to Council

Every communication, including a petition designed to be presented to the Council, shall be legibly written or printed in ink, not pencil, and shall not contain any obscene or improper matter or language and shall be signed by at least one person, indicating their address and telephone number, and filed with the Clerk, or designate.

i)   All petitions must be addressed to Mayor and Council

ii)   Text of the petition must be listed at the top of each page for multiple-page petitions.  Pages should be numbered and total number of pages indicated.

iii)  Each petitioner must print and sign his or her own name.  Petitions must contain original signatures only, written directly on the petition.

iv)  Each petitioner must provide his or her full address.

v)  The petition must clearly disclose on each page that it will be considered a public document at the Town of Parry Sound and that information contained in it may be subject to the scrutiny of the Town and other members of the general public.

vi)  All petitions that meet the above standards will be presented to Council, at the request of the petitioners, at Council's next regular meeting, or the meeting at which the subject of the petition is to be discussed.  Should the petitioners not want to present it to Council, it will be included in Correspondence on the Council Agenda.


 25.  The Clerk shall read the substance of communications thereof, but any Member may require the reading of part or all thereof.  In case of a petition, the petitioner may read the substance in part or all thereof.


26. All petitions or communications on any subject shall, unless otherwise disposed of by Council forthwith, be considered as referred to the appropriate staff member and/or Committee of Council as the case may be without any motion or debate unless otherwise ordered by Council. Upon receipt of any petitions or communications addressed to Mayor and Council, the writer, where the writer's name is given, shall be acknowledged, with notice of the referral of the petition or correspondence.

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