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Election History

Alternate Forms of Voting

At the March 15th, 2011 regular meeting of Council, the Deputy Clerk provided a Report and Recommendation-March 15-2011 to Council regarding alternate forms of voting. Any changes to the method of voting would be reflected in the 2014 municipal election and beyond. Essentially the report suggested having telephone and internet voting only. There would be no traditional paper ballot. Cards with PIN numbers would be mailed to all those on the voting list and a voter would use the PIN to cast their ballot on the telephone or on the internet.The Report and Recommendation (R&R) contained the following attachments:

Council approved the resolution and also requested some feedback from residents of Parry Sound. A survey was provided to those in attendance at the Community Café, a strategic plan workshop that was held for the public on March 29, 2011 at the Bobby Orr Community Centre. Of the 42 surveys returned to staff, 28 liked the idea, 12 disliked the idea and 2 filled in the information on the survey but did not answer the question.

The survey was then made available to the public on the website and bulk mailed to each household in Parry Sound. The deadline for the survey was June 17, 2011 which was extended to July 8, 2011.

Results of the Survey on Alternative Voting

Alternate Voting Survey Summary - Eligible Voters

A final R&R-July 19-2011 came before Council on July 19, 2011 recommending telephone and internet voting only for the 2014 municipal election for Parry Sound. Council voted in favour of the recommendation and passed By-law 2011-6009, a by-law to utilize telephone and internet voting for 2014. 

This method of voting will increase voter turnout, improve accuracy, assist those with disabilities and provide prompt and accurate re sults on election night. This means no polls, so no advance polls and no proxies.

The R&R contained the following attachments :

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