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Council's Strategic Plan

Parry Sound Council has Approved its 2020 - 2030 Strategic Plan

Partnering for the Future

This Strategic Plan belongs to everyone in our community. Through our consultants, you told us what is important to you, where we need to focus our efforts and how we can do it better. You shared your pride for Parry Sound and why you love living here. You have also shared your ideas to improve our quality of life and economic prosperity.

At the center of what we heard is partnering. We heard time and again that Parry Sound is stronger when we work together with our municipal neighbours and senior levels of government, because what is good for the region is good for our Town. Collaboration with others is woven through each of the three priority areas in this strategic plan and it includes West Parry Sound municipalities, other levels of government, First Nations communities, the business community and more.

Strategic Action Plan 2023-2026

Process to develop the Strategic Action Plan 2023-2026 was guided by Karen Jones Consulting Inc. and received engagement and support from the Town of Parry Sound Council, Staff, community organizations and business owners, and members of the community. The Plan identifies actions to be undertaken during the current term of Council to advance the 2020-2030 Strategic Plan.

Key Performance Objectives (KPOs)

Objectives identified in the Strategic Plan continue to guide the development of Key Performance Objectives (KPOs). The KPOs outline specific projects or initiatives that relate to the objectives set by Council in the Strategic Plan.  KPOs are added as appropriate and deleted when completed, with progress reported to Council on a quarterly basis.

Infrastructure & Development Statistics

Other metrics related to building and infrastructure help track development and are useful in assessing progress towards the goals and objectives. These Infrastructure & Developments Statistics are updated and reported to Council on a quarterly basis 

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