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Financial Information Return and Municipal Performance Measurement Program

The Town of Parry Sound is committed to efficient, responsible and accountable reporting to its residents.

Each year the Town prepares:

What is the Financial Information Return (FIR)?

The FIR is a mandatory report from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing. The report summarizes the Town's financial statements in a consistent and comparable manner. Historical FIR data can be found on the Financial Information Return website, and is sorted by schedule, or municipality.

What is the Municipal Performance Measurement Program (MPMP)?

This report shows how municipalities in Ontario use their resources. The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing outlines the service areas the Town must report. This report was discontinued effective the 2014 reporting year, however, some municipal performance measures can be located now on schedule 80D in the FIR.

How to view the Financial Information Return (FIR)

The FIR is available on the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing's FIR website. From the home page you can select a calendar year, and view the FIR by municipality.

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