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Councillor George Ashford

Portrait of George AshfordGeorge was elected councillor for the Town of Parry Sound in 2022. He is husband to Sarah McDowall and together they have two daughters, Pippa and Lena. After moving here in 2008 to start his teaching career, George fell in love with the community and began getting involved. George and Sarah tried living outside of town for a couple years, but it helped them realize that the Town of Parry Sound is where they want to build a life together. 

George has served on not-for-profit boards including Harvest Share Community Food Programs, Hospice West Parry Sound, WPSHC and Hands to name a few. He has worked in elementary education supporting the arts and special education. Perhaps most joyfully, George spends his time with his family enjoying Georgian Bay and everything our community has to offer. 

George’s experience in our town has led him to serve our community further and, with your support, he has begun his mandate with the same care and passion he demonstrates in his professional and philanthropic ventures. He is committed to developing Parry Sound and its unique character and history. He believes that we are stronger together and every voice is valuable. He is here to support you and ensure we are successful together. Please do not hesitate to reach out to George to share your thoughts on what makes Parry Sound great and how to leverage that to build a bright future for our community.