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Busking Permit

You do not need a licence or permit to busk on town streets or property. However you will need permission from Town Council via a resolution after your mandatory audition for the Parry Sound Downtown Business Association (PSDBA).

  • Write a letter requesting permission to busk to both the PSDBA and to Mayor and Council at 52 Seguin St., Parry Sound, ON P2A 1B4.
  • For permission to busk in the summer months you should make your request no later than the beginning of May.
  • After your audition for the PSDBA, the PSDBA may send a recommendation to Parry Sound Council.
  • Your request is put on the next Parry Sound Council meeting agenda if it is supported by the PSDBA.
  • The Clerk/EA will let you know of Council's decision.