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Commissioner of Oaths and Certified Copies

Do you need a document commissioned or want to get something photocopied and certified a true copy?

The Administration Department offers the services of a Commissioner of Oaths to witness signatures for certain documents and also to certify true copies of your documents. 

We strongly advise that you call the Administration Department to book an appointment with the Clerk. This will ensure there is someone available to commission your oath or to make your certified copies.

You will need photo identification when you bring in your documents for commissioning and all documents must be signed in front of the Commissioner of Oaths.

The Clerk must make the photocopies in order to certify them to be true copies.

Also note that our commissioners do not sign wills, living wills, power of attorney, divorce, separation or custody agreements or real estate transactions.

There is a fee applicable, payable by cash or debit, for certified copies and commissioning.